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Our company, InknPrint, is totally Australian owned, independent, holistic specialist print supply company, We manage to reduce costs on a consistent basis to two of the most expensive elements in office expenditure - PRINTING AND PRINTER CONSUMABLES. InknPrint typically delivers cost saving of between 10 - 20%.
25 Years Experience
Our clients experience a painless process. They can pose any question or problem to us and our 25 years experience kicks in. We listen, hear and ask questions of our clients to what they want to achieve. If we can, we will suggest an alternative that is nogt only innovative but will also enhance our clients business.
10 - 20% Savings
InknPrint typically delivers cost saving of between 10 - 20%. At InknPrint we don’t presume to know everything about all things, which is why we have an extensive network of strategic alliances. This allows us to be fully informed at the drop of a hat.
Unbiassed Perspective
"We do not sell printers as part of our core business but we do supply a lot of printers with their consumables. This allows InknPrint to have a “birds-eye view"" of the most reliable and value for money printers in the marketplace. We do not have allegiances with any manufacturers or their agents."

We only care what is best for you

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